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Why Choose Literature Daydreams?

In the "About Us" section, I talk all about my passion for all things English and English Literature, and it is this LOVE for English that is key to creating successful teaching resources. Each downloadable resource I make is carefully crafted and rigorously tested. So if you want thorough, useful, and engaging tasks to help students improve in both English Literature and English Language, then Literature Daydreams is just for you!

This is great. Next year for my Creative Writing class, I am going to get this printed out and have the students refer to it for their bell work. Thank you.

Seconday Teacher

About Us

Lou Enstone,

store owner

I am Lou and I have been studying and teaching British Literature and Creative Writing for over 20 years. For the last 10 years, I have taught English at a large secondary school in SE London. 

Literature Daydreams is where all my literature dreams came to life. I love (absolutely, completely, and totally) seeing students engage with, analyze, and enjoy reading literature and Shakespeare. 

My teaching resources are designed to help students develop their knowledge, understanding and love for literature and creative writing.